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Manage API application with message broker

You can subscribe your application with MindSphere services by mapping the application scopes with “Message Broker”. To subscribe your application with MindSphere services, register an endpoint of your application to get notifications from MindSphere. For more information about "Message Broker", see Message Broker - Developer Documentation.


  • "Message Broker" feature is applicable for API applications only.

User Interface

"Message Broker" screen:

You can grant MindSphere services to access your application by mapping the application scope.

Message Broker


To subscribe your application with MindSphere services, follow these steps:

  1. In "Authorization Management" tab, select "App Roles".
  2. Select your application from the "Applications" window.
  3. Select the "Message Broker" tab.
  4. Click "Grant access" to map the application scopes.
  5. Select the applicatin scopes and click "Save".


The application is successfully subscribed to MindSphere services.

Application is subscribed

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Last update: January 20, 2023