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Manage promoted apps

Promoted applications are ready to be assigned to an Operator or can be managed under the "Promoted app" tab.

You can archive the application from the "Promoted Apps" tab, before or after it is assigned or granted to an operator. The state of the application will change to "Archived". The application can be un-archived or deleted from the archived state. If the application is un-archived, you can view the application in the "Promoted Apps" tab with the state "Ready for assignment".

User interface

"Archived application" screen:

Archived application screen


To archive, unarchive and delete the applications from the Promoted Apps tab, follow these steps:

  1. In "Promoted Apps" tab, search for the application to archive and click on the application.
  2. Use the archive-switch to "Archive" or "Unarchive" the applications as needed.

When the promoted apps are archived, it will be de-registered automatically. These applications can be deleted after archiving them, if they are not assigned or granted to an operator. The registered API application cannot be archived unless dependent UI application is de-registered and archived.


The application is successfully archived.

In "Promoted Apps" tab, click "Show Only Archived apps" toggle button to view the archived application.

Next step

  • After unarchiving the promoted application, the application status changes from "Archived" to "Ready for Assignment". Now, you can assign this application to an Operator. For more information, see Assign an application to an Operator.
  • You can deregister the application and continue working on a new or different version. For more information, see New version of an application.

Last update: January 22, 2024