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Application Lifecycle

The Application Lifecycle depicts the workflow from the development of an application until the productive use of an application. The Application Lifecycle describes the correlation between the developer and the IoT tenant/end customer user.

The following graphic depicts the Application Lifecycle with the respective processes:

Application Lifecycle

① Develop an application:

  • The developer develops the application in the local environment

② Register and test the application:

  • The developer creates the application in Developer Cockpit
  • The developer tests the application inside the Insights Hub environment
  • The developer assigns the application to operators

③ Sell and provide the application:

  • The operator accepts the application
  • The operator registers the application to make it available on his tenant
  • Operator Cockpit publishes the application in Industrial IoT Store

④ Purchase and use the application:

  • Any IoT Value Plan or Developer Plan owner can make a subscription for applications from Industrial IoT Store
  • After the application is provisioned by the operator, it will be available on the tenant
  • API applications can be provisioned to other operators.

Last update: January 22, 2024