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Application handover to an operator

Application upload

You decide the application you want to make available for productive deployment by uploading it together with additional information to an intermediate Application Repository.

The transfer process cannot be withdrawn after the upload. You are notified via "Developer Cockpit" and via email once the transfer of your application has been successful and the application is available to run on the MindAccess Operator Plan Account.

Preparation for handover

To prepare the handover of the application, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare application upload.
    This is usually done by the developers.
  2. Approve application upload.
    This is done by the Developer Admin.
  3. Assign the successfully uploaded application to an operator.
  4. Accepting the assigned application by an operator in Operator Cockpit.
  5. Granting the accepted application to an operator in Developer Cockpit.


  • The application must be uploaded as a single zipped archive and a "manifest.yml” file.
  • You need to use a single Cloud Foundry "manifest.yml” that contains the configuration of all Cloud Foundry applications that are from your application.
  • Use only zip-Archives and not any other compression algorithms for bundling your applications.
  • For self hosted and no-infrastructure type applications, single zipped archive and "manifest.yml” are not required.
  • For mobile type application, provide the required description. Endpoint URL is not applicable for this type of application.

Last update: January 22, 2024