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Workflow of Developer Cockpit

The following schema describes the communication between the developer and the operator using Developer Cockpit and Operator Cockpit.

Workflow of Developer Cockpit

① Use Developer Cockpit to add a new application.

② Add roles and scopes for the added application.

③ Assign added application to the test environments.

④ Hand over application to Operator Cockpit:

  • Assign the successfully uploaded application data to a known operator.
  • Operator accepts the assignment in Operator Cockpit.
  • Assign the application to other operator environments.

⑤ Use Operator Cockpit to view the assigned application in "My Application"

⑥ Deployment in productive environment:

  • In Operator Cockpit, the operator registers and deploys the application

⑦ Assign the roles to the user in Settings application.

⑧ Application can be accessed from Insights Hub Launchpad.

⑨ Operator can publish this application to Industrial IoT Store, or provision application to known customers.

⑩ Assign the roles to the third-party user in Settings application.

⑪ Application can be accessed by the third-party user from Insights Hub Launchpad.


Provisioning the application to the third-party user is not available in Basic Capability package.

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Last update: June 15, 2023