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View the registered Insights Hub Monitor applications in Insights Hub Monitor

If you choose to create an application with Insights Hub Monitor Plugin type, you are seamlessly integrating your functionality with the Insights Hub world. Your new functionality will be available in Insights Hub Monitor soon after its registration.


The following are the prerequisites to access the Insights Hub Monitor plugin application:

  • The application should be registered in Developer Cockpit.
  • You need to have tenant admin rights from Settings to view Settings app in your Launchpad.
  • To assign the user specific roles, see Roles in Settings application.

Settings icon

  • Insights Hub Monitor application should be available in the Launchpad.

Insights Hub Monitor icon

Procedure to access applications in Insights Hub Monitor

To access the applications in Insights Hub Monitor, follow these steps:

  1. Open Insights Hub Monitor.
  2. Navigate to Explore / Assets to view the Insights Hub Monitor plugin.


The registered plugin is available in Insights Hub Monitor.
Find more information in the developer documentation of the Insights Hub Monitor Plugin SDK.

Last update: January 22, 2024