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The developers can create and manage applications within the platform and use various services. The Industrial IoT capability packages excludes Cloud Foundry compute resources for developing applications using various capabilities packs.

Before subscribing to the Industrial IoT capability packages, you can start your journey with various basic applications in Insights Hub Start for Free Capability Package. Later, you can upgrade the package to the next level. In Insights Hub Start for Free and Industrial IoT capability packages, "Cloud Foundry" feature is not activated. To activate the Cloud Foundry feature, you need to buy the Add-on pack.

Overview of Developer Cockpit

Developer Cockpit provides a workbench to create apps and custom-built solutions. It helps developers to create, host and manage the registered applications on the platform. By registering your application, the application will be made available via a Insights Hub URL and enable you to test your own application.

Functions and benefits

Developer Cockpit provides the following functionalities:

  • Create an application with multiple components and corresponding endpoints.
  • Overview of developed applications.
  • Configure applications, e.g. "Application Icon" or "Display Name".
  • Secure applications at the endpoint level and manage application specific roles.
  • Test environments are provided depending on the package selected, before promoting it to an operator.
  • Promote and transfer applications from developer to an operator.


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to access Developer Cockpit:

  • Access Insights Hub Start for Free to own your free tenant
  • Subscription Industrial IoT capability packages
  • Login to Insights Hub capability packages Launchpad
  • Role: mdsp:core:Developer or mdsp:core:DeveloperAdmin assigned via Settings application

Industrial IoT capability packages

The following mentioned packages are the Industrial IoT capability packages:

  • Insights Hub Start for Free
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Last update: January 22, 2024