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Data Transformation Page

The Data Transformation page is a central location for all ETL flow operations; here you can view, analyze, and take action on all your ETL flows. You can:

  • Explore ETL flows: search and navigate through the table of ETL flows to view summaries and statuses.
  • Flow details: select any ETL flow to access detailed information.
  • Take action: click the three ellipses in the Action column to view actions you can take with a flow.

Data Transformation Page Example

Here is an example of the Data Transformation page:


The Data Transformation page displays:

  • ETL Flows table - displays information about each ETL flow:
    • Flow name (sortable)
    • Created by
    • Created date (sortable)
    • Status (Success or Failure)
    • Schedule (displays the time increment, e.g., "Daily at 8:00 am"
  • Actions - a column in the ETL flow table that gives access to actions you can take with the selected ETL flow:
    • Run
    • Create new
    • Edit
    • Schedule
    • Copy
    • Delete
    • Cancel
    • Latest: set flow to fetch only the latest data (since previous run)
  • Right collapsible panel presents:
    • Overview - summarizes ETL flow totals:
      • All ETL flows
      • Scheduled ETL flows
      • Non-scheduled ETL flows
      • ETL flow Issues
    • Details - for the selected ETL flow:
      • Start Time
      • Run Duration
      • Status
      • Progress icon indicates an ETL flow in progress
      • Cancel link allows you to cancel a currently running ETL flow

Last update: January 25, 2024