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Dashboard Designer leverages dashboard and visualization technology for a seamless integration with Insights Hub Monitor applications.

Anyone can use Dashboard Designer to create beautiful, informative dashboards. No programming knowledge needed.

Gain insights into your data by visualizing it in the way that makes sense to you.


Dashboard Designer is not applicable for Private Cloud.

Dashboard Designer Capability Packages

Dashboard Designer offers three capability packages that vary in the visualizations and plugins included:

Basic capability package includes the following visualizations and plugins:

  • Clock
  • Pie Chart
  • Table
  • Gauge
  • Text
  • Dashboard List
  • Graph

Premium / Standard capability package includes the vizualizations and plugins in the Basic package, plus:

Advanced Visualizations - Bar Gauge - Heatmap - Discreet Panel - Alert List - Singlestat

New Third-Party Visualizations - ImageIT - Breadcrumb - Cal - Heatmap - Statusmap - Traffic Light

Add-On capability package includes the vizualizations and plugins in the Premium / Standard package, plus:

  • SVG - allows you to create sophisticated visualizations using JavaScript.
  • Launchpad icon for Dahsboard Designer direct access.

Security Information

Siemens provides products and solutions with industrial security functions that support the secure operation of plants, systems, machines and networks. To protect against cyber threats, Siemens's products and solutions implement and continuously maintain a holistic and state-of-the-art industrial security concept.

Customers are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to their plants, systems, machines and networks. Such systems, machines and components should only be connected to an enterprise network or the internet if and to the extent such a connection is necessary and only when appropriate security measures (e.g. firewalls and/or network segmentation) are in place.

For additional information on industrial security measures that may be implemented, please visit the Industrial Security page on the Siemens website.

General Data Protection Regulation

Siemens observes the principles of data protection, in particular the principle of data minimization (privacy by design). Dashboard Designer processes/stores the following personal data: User email address, user role, dashboard templates, and dashboard usage data. The above data is required for logging on, billing, and internal user administration. The storage of data is reasonable and limited to what is necessary, since it is essential to identify authorized operators.

Data cannot be stored anonymously or pseudonymized because of the essential need to identify authorized operators.

Dashboard Designer does not offer automatic deletion of data. Data delettion can be done manually. Please contact customer support concerning deleting data.


3rd party plugins cannot be introduced to Dashboard Designer by users. More plugins are coming in future releases. Please see Visualization and Plugins for more information.

User Roles

Admin users can define roles, access, editing, and viewing permissions through the Settings app on the Launchpad for individuals, groups, and teams within their organization.

Here is a brief description of Dashboard Designer user roles:

  • Admin: this role gives full access to all functionalities.
  • Creator: users with this role can create and edit dashboards.
  • Viewer: this role allows a user to view dashboards.

Usage Quotas

Your Dashboard Designer subscription comes with a quota of up to 80 dashboards for creator and viewer users, per tenant. Quotas can be raised through subscriptions.

Last update: May 15, 2023