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Dashboard Designer is a robust application designed to empower users to effortlessly transform raw data into comprehensive, visually engaging and functional dashboards. Dashboard Designer simplifies the complex process of creating insightful dashboards with the help of data exploration tools and an extensive library of visualizations.

Data visualization and query tools

The platform offers a diverse range of tools aimed at translating data into meaningful visualizations. Users can select their preferred data sources and harness powerful query functions to precisely target and transform the data into dashboards. This customization allows for tailored and accurate data representation. It makes data-driven decision-making more accessible and efficient.

Dashboard linking and sharing

In addition to facilitating dashboard creation, Dashboard Designer also allows users to import and share panels among various dashboards. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to link dashboards to both internal and external internet locations. This interlinking of dashboards enables seamless navigation and accessibility across multiple interfaces.

Accessibility and ease of use

Dashboard Designer has a user-friendly interface, which is an essential aspect of its functionality. It empowers users to create informative dashboards without the need for programming knowledge. This accessibility is coupled with a comprehensive library of visualizations that ensures every user, regardless of their technical background, can create outstanding and meaningful dashboards.


The application offers a wide range of visualizations, ranging from fundamental visualizations like graphs and pie charts to more advanced visualizations like heatmaps and singlestat and third-party visualizations like SVG and traffic light that extend Dashboard Designer's visual capabilities.

Dashboard Designer includes the following:

  • Time series
  • Bar chart
  • Stat
  • Gauge
  • Bar gauge
  • Table
  • Pie chart
  • State timeline
  • Heatmap
  • Status history
  • Histogram
  • Text
  • Dashboard list
  • Candlestick
  • Canvas
  • Flame graph
  • HTML graphics
  • Geomap
  • Clock
  • Cal-Heatmap
  • Plotly
  • Node Graphs
  • Traffic Lights
  • Breadcrumb
  • Trend
  • Apache EChart

Third-Party Visualizations

Users cannot add third-party visualizations or plugins to Dashboard Designer. For more information on capabilities, refer to Visualizations.

Last update: June 14, 2024