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Identity and Access Management

For Organizations

Your subtenants are represented as "Organizations" (Orgs) in Dashboard Designer. Orgs are automatically created when a subtenant user first logs in.

User Roles

Roles are set by Admins to determine what users can view and the actions they can perform.

This briefly describes the user roles in Dashboard Designer:

Permission Admin Editor Viewer
View dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Add, edit, delete dashboards Yes Yes No
Add, edit, delete folders Yes Yes No
View playlists Yes Yes Yes
Add, edit, delete playlists Yes Yes No
Create library panels Yes Yes No
View annotations Yes Yes Yes
Add, edit, delete annotations Yes Yes No
Access explore Yes Yes No
Query data sources directly Yes Yes Yes

Usage Quotas

Dashboard Designer subscriptions include a number of named licenses and a limited number of dashboards. Please see Technical Limitations.


Teams are groups of users.

Last update: December 15, 2023