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Managing registries

Replication allows users to replicate resources between Harbor and non-Harbor registries, in both pull or push mode.

Managing registries

A registry endpoint must exist before you replicate image repositories from one instance of Harbor to another Harbor or non-Harbor registry. Proceed as follows to create a new registry endpoint:

  1. Click “Registries“ in the “Administration” menu in the navigator.
  2. Click the “+ New Endpoint” button.
    The following pop-up window appears:

    New registry Endpoint

  3. Select the type of registry to set up as a replication endpoint from the “Provider” drop-down menu.
    The endpoint can be another Harbor instance or a non-Harbor registry.

    Harbor window

  4. Enter a suitable name and description for the new replication endpoint.

  5. Enter the full URL of the registry to set up as a replication endpoint. !!! Note The registry must exist and be running before you create the endpoint.
  6. Enter the Access ID and Access Secret for the endpoint registry instance.
  7. Optionally, select the "Verify Remote Cert" check box. De-select the check box if the remote registry uses a self-signed or untrusted certificate.
  8. Click “Test Connection”.
  9. When the connection is successfully tested, click “OK”.

To edit or delete registries, select the registry and click “Edit” or “Delete”. Only registries that are not referenced by any rules can be deleted.

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Last update: May 6, 2022