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Container Registry enables customers to accelerate development, simplify storing and managing images, and reduce operations efforts. It offers an effective way to deploy, manage, and scale containerized solutions. Applications running on Kubernetes or any container orchestration engine are compatible and can be easily migrated to MindSphere to participate in the MindSphere ecosystem.

Container Registry application is a part of the MindSphere platform, and you can access it from the MindSphere launchpad. A third-party software called Harbor is integrated into Container Registry. It allows the customers to deploy their applications quickly and scale them as required.

Using the Container Registry application, you can:

  • Create projects, View projects and its details
  • Create Robot Accounts
  • Tag and push images into Container Registry
  • View log information of operations performed in Container Registry
    • Global log: Logs that include all projects and repositories
    • Project log: Project specific logs
  • Manage Labels
    • Global labels: Labels applicable for all projects within a tenant
    • Project labels: Project specific Labels
  • Create, edit and delete registry endpoints and replication rules
  • Configure global settings
  • Allocate project quotas
  • Schedule Garbage collection and view history
  • Enable content trust
  • Interrogation services such as image scanners and Vulnerability checks.


Harbor is a third-party software integrated into MindSphere. It is an open-source trusted cloud native registry and it allows you to store and manage images.

For more information, refer to the Harbor user guide.

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Last update: January 6, 2022