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You can configure Harbor to connect to an email server, set the registry in read-only mode, and configure Harbor so that only system administrators can create projects.

Configuring Authentication

The user is not permitted to select the authentication mode, therefore the "Auth Mode" selection under the "Authentication" tab is disabled. In addition, the user is not permitted to save any changes made to the "Allow Self-Registration" checkbox, which means, the "Save" button is also disabled.

Configuration Authentication

Configuring Email Server

Since the local user creation is not allowed, the email functionality is disabled. Any changes made to the "Email" tab will not be saved, an error message appears.

Configuring Email server

Configuring System Settings

Use the “Project Creation” drop-down menu to set which users can create projects. Select “Everyone” to allow all users to create projects. Select “Admin Only” to allow only users with the Harbor system administrator role to create projects.

Configuring system settings

You can set Harbor to read-only mode by enabling the “Repository Read Only” checkbox. In read-only mode, Harbor allows “Docker pull” but prevents “Docker push” and the deletion of repositories and tags.

You can ignore certain Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) by creating a whitelist of CVEs. You can also define the expiry of the whitelist item.

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Last update: January 6, 2022