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Predefined types

The basic type on which all other types are based is BasicAsset.

You can use other pre-defined templates to create your own type. These types are called core types. The core type operates as a parent. Out of a core type you can create new types that take into account the parent-child relation. Most of the core types contain a plugin in to enable data connection to Insights Hub.

The following table describes the main categories of the core types:

Type Application
BasicAgent Template for creating agent-based assets. You can use this template to connect MindConnect Elements.
BasicApplication Template for creating application-based assets. You can use this template to connect other applications.
BasicDevice Template for creating device-based assets.
BasicHierarchy Template for creating hierarchy-based assets.

Within the pre-defined templates, you can create new types and use templates such as MindConnect Nano.
You can find more information on pre-defined types in the developer documentation.

Create an asset based on core types

When creating a new asset in the "Asset" tab, you can select all created types. You can find more information in chapter Create an asset.

The following graphic shows the core type "MindConnectNano":

MindConnect Nano

Last update: November 21, 2023