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MindConnect Nano/IoT 2040 plugin

To connect a MindConnect Element you have to configure it with the respective MindConnect Element plugin. You can find the MindConnect plugin in the asset detail view.

Connecting a MindConnect Element to Insights Hub involves the following steps:


  • Create asset with MindConnect type
  • Create connection to the MindConnect Element
  • Perform network configuration
  • Onboard with configuration file

Data mapping

  • Add data source
  • Add data point
  • Connecting data point and variable

You can find detailed information for these steps and on how to connect a MindConnect Element in the MindConnect Hardware General Description documentation.

Definition of a "MindConnect Element"

A MindConnect Element is the connecting element between an asset and Insights Hub.

MindConnect Nano is an example of a MindConnect Element. For every MindConnect Element, there is a corresponding MindConnect type; this is "core.mcnano" for MindConnect Nano.

Last update: January 22, 2024