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Creating a new type


  • You have created an aspect with variables.


In order to create a new type, proceed as follows:

  1. Click "Types" in the navigation area.
  2. To create a new type, click Plus icon Create type".
  3. Enter a name and description for the type, e. g. "Windturbine".
  4. In order to add an image, open the image bar and click "Choose".
    Your local file browser opens to select an image.

Image list

In order to browse already uploaded images to your tenant, you can use the image list. Click "Browse" to open the image list and choose an image to add.

5.In order to add a variable, open the variable bar and click "Add variable".

6.Enter the variable data.

7.In order to add an aspect, open the aspect bar and click "Add aspect".

8.Enter a name for the new type aspect and choose an aspect from the dropdown menu.

Browse aspects

  • In order to browse all available aspects click "Browse aspects".
  • You can select multiple aspects by activating the checkboxes.
  • You can create multiple instances of one aspect by entering the number in the input field.

9.Confirm the entries with "Save".


You have created a type. You can now select this type when creating a new asset in the "Assets" tab.

It is also possible to edit or delete the created type if the lock status is enabled. This can be changed by enabling/disabling the "Lock status" button in the "Home" screen. For more information, refer Locking a data model.

Last update: January 22, 2024