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Creating a new aspect


If you want to use the import function for variables, the uploaded file must comply with the following guideline. The structure of file needs to be as follows and no headline is allowed:

  • var_1;BOOLEAN;on;42
  • var_2;INT;num;34
  • var_3;LONG;lnum;
  • var_4;DOUBLE;dnum;42
  • var_5;STRING;script;64
  • var_6;BIG_STRING;lscript;512
  • var_7;TIMESTAMP;s;
  • var_8;BOOLEAN;on;42
  • var_9;INT;num;34
  • var_10;LONG;lnum;

The file can contain a maximum of 100 variables with the specific configuration. An exemplary template file can be downloaded in the variables section.


In order to create a new aspect, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on "Aspects".
  2. Click on "Create aspect" .
  3. Enter the data for the new aspect.
  4. To add a variable, click on "Add variable" or "Import variables".
  5. To add a empty row to the table click "Add variable".
  6. To use import function click "Import variables" and select a file that meets the guidelines under Requirement. After importing the file, all contained and validated variables are displayed in the table and can be saved.
  7. Confirm the entries with "Save".

Last update: January 22, 2024