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"Connectivity" user interface

After pressing the "Retrieve assets and connectivity information" button the Connectivity Management screen appears:

Connectivity management

① Activates or deactivates the filter

② Updates the list

③ Shows the filter parameter

④ Opens the asset in the "Asset" tab

⑤ Checkbox to select the asset for which firmware needs to be updated


The firmware is only shown for assets instantiated from core.mcnano, core.mciot2040 and core.mcsoftwareagent.

Filter parameter of the "Connectivity Management"

The "Connectivity Management"" contains the following filter parameters:

Filter Description
Name Filters by the name of the asset.
Description Filters by the asset description in the basic settings.
Type You can filter by asset type from a drop-down list.
Online Status Filters the asset based on Online or Offline status
Firmware Version Filters the asset based on the firmware version
Update status Filters the asset based on the status of the firmware update, the available values are: Up to date, Update available, Update in progress, No information found

Last update: January 22, 2024