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"Asset" user interface

You operate assets using the "navigation area", the "selection list" and the "asset detail view".

Create Asset

① Navigation area

② Creates a new asset

③ Search entry

④ Switch between selection list and asset search

⑤ Selection list

⑥ Hierarchy

⑦ Edit basic settings of the asset

⑧ Add a child asset to selected asset

⑨ Advanced operating tools: - Share asset - Move asset - Open files function - Open asset in Insights Hub Monitor - Create a flow in Visual Flow Creator - Delete asset - Open in Settings

⑩ Shows the events, aspects, variables and plugins of the asset

Asset detail view

The asset details show you the details of your asset's direct variables and aspects:

Asset detail view

① Shows the status of the events

② Shows the status of the aspects of the last 24 hours

③ Refresh of aspects

④ Shows the variables of the asset

⑤ Shows the sharings status

Events preview

The events preview shows only standard events. You can find more information in the event management service documentation.

Last update: January 22, 2024