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Adding data points

A data point is a measurable value of an asset that can be represented numerically and graphically. Examples of a data point are temperature or pressure. You can add data points to a data source to collect the data for example from a control unit. In the next step you have to link the data points of a data source with the respective variables of an aspect.


  • You have created a data source.


To add a data point to a data source, e. g. "RotationSpeed", follow these steps:

  1. Click on the asset in the "Assets" tab, e. g. "Wind turbine".
  2. Click on the asset icon, e. g. "MindConnect LIB".
  3. To edit the data source, you have to click on "Enter edit mode".
  4. Edit functions appear next to the data source.
  5. Click on "Add data point".
  6. Enter data point data.


The units and data types specified here will need to match exactly with the aspects and variables. If they are different, the variable cannot be connected to the data point.

6.Confirm with "Accept".

7.To save the added data point in "Edit Mode" click "Save".


The new data point is available at the data source.

Last update: January 22, 2024