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Managing tickets

Tickets are used to log and the track the incidents and issues related to asset. The tickets are used to support and assist the service engineers to get an overview of all the incidents or issues recorded against an asset.

To manage the tickets created by the Service engineer, click "Administer tickets" in the "Admin" tab.

The following actions are possible:

  • To search for a specific ticket, click "Toggle search" in the "Administer tickets" screen. It is possible to search for a ticket based on the following parameters:

    • Title
    • Asset ID
    • Ticket type: Manual or Auto generated
    • Description
    • Severity: Low, Medium or High
    • Stage: Pending, Assigned, In progress, Completed, Archived
    • Status: Pending, Assigned, In progress- Active, In progress- Flagged, In progress-Observation, In progress-Reporting, Completed, Archived
  • To edit a ticket, click on the required ticket and click "Edit". Update the ticket as required and click "Save".

  • To delete a ticket permanently, select the ticket and click "Delete".In the confirmation dialog, click Proceed". This operation cannot be undone, which means that the deleted ticket cannot be restored.
  • To delete the comments associated with a ticket, select the ticket and click "Delete comments". In the confirmation dialog, click "Proceed". This operation deletes all the comments in the selected ticket.

Managing tickets

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