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Managing Customer Contacts

Within the application, it is possible to track the contact details of the customer. The customer details might be necessary for future use.

The following actions are possible:

  • To search for a specific customer, click the "Toggle search" in the "Administer customer contacts" screen in the "Admin" tab. It is possible to search for a specific customer based on the following:

    • Full Name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Deletion date
    • Company
  • To edit a specific customer details, select the customer from the list and click "Edit". Update the details as required and click "Save".

  • To delete a customer, select the customer from the list and click "Delete". In the confirmation dialog, click "Proceed". This action deletes the customer permanently and cannot be undone.
  • To restore the deleted customer, click on the customer. The "Is deleted on" field gives information on when the customer was deleted. Click "Restore deleted". In the confirmation dialog, click "Proceed".

Managing customer contacts

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Last update: January 7, 2022