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Monitor in "Agent Diagnostic"

Monitoring active agents

The "Monitor" page lists all available actively monitored agents. To view the message, you can either select a listed agent or use the filter option. The filter option offers the following sorting:

Filter option Description
"None" No sorting. The agents are listed by alphabetical order.
"Agent" Enter an agent name to get all available agent monitors for this agent.
"Message" Sorts the agent monitors by types of messages.
"Severity" Sorts the agent monitors by type of severity.
"Time" On the right-hand side of the "Filter Monitoring Logs" area you can set a time range to filter by time.
Symbol Description
Delete Resets the filter.
Search Activates the search.

Time limits

Diagnostic activation will be automatically inactive after 1 hour. The diagnostic messages collected after activation will be automatically deleted after 7 calendar days.


Please notice that if you delete a monitoring setup, the diagnostic messages will also be deleted.

Last update: January 22, 2024