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Using function nodes

Let's try to use described above nodes in a simple scenario:

Example scenario

An employee should be sent a welcome message. A function is required to be designed to greet messages as per the respective timing of the day.


To view the messages with respective inputs in the message payload.


  • 2 timestamp input nodes
  • 2 debug output nodes
  • A function node


  1. Select the mentioned requirements and connect the flow as shown. Requirements
  2. Rename the input nodes to "Day message" and "Evening message" and configure them as given below. | Day message | Evening message
  3. Rename the function node to "message splitter" and configure as shown below. Edit function node
  4. Rename the output nodes to suitable tags and configure the nodes as defined below: | Edit debug node | Edit debug node 1
  5. Inject the input nodes, one at a time.


The message splitter will manage the generation of the message according to the input received.

  1. Inject the day message and you will get a message shown in the message payload:

    Day message

  2. Inject the evening message and you will get a message shown in the message payload:

    Evening message

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Last update: April 29, 2022