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Usage of Dashboard Viewer

The "Dashboard Viewer" is an application on your MindSphere Launchpad and can be used to access dashboards created by users in your tenant. You can access the "Dashboard Viewer" with role tenant user. To make dashboard accessible for other users of your tenant, use the VFC to publish them.

Dashboard Viewer screen

The following screenshot shows the "Dashboard Viewer" in the MindSphere Launchpad:

Dashboard Viewer

① MindSphere Launchpad

② Dashboard Viewer


To publish the dashboards in the "Dashboard Viewer" will be done through VFC. Let us consider a simple example considering to measure a conveyor belt speed.

  1. Drag and drop the timestamp node, slider node and compass node from the dashboard nodes. Interconnect the nodes: Interconnect node
  2. Select the slider node from the standard dashboard nodes. Configure the group and range of the node:
    • Group name: Conveyor belt [Home]
    • Label: slider
    • Range: Min 0, max 100
  3. Select the gauge node from the same dashboard group. Configure the group, label, units and range of the node:
    • Group name: Conveyor belt [Home]
    • Type: Compass
    • Label: speed
    • Units: rpm
    • Range: Min 0, max 100
  4. In the dashboard tab, click create dashboard to create in the dashboard window.
  5. Hover the mouse on the created tab, click edit. Edit dashboard tab node screen appears: Edit dashboard
    • Name: Enter the dashboard name
    • Icon: Select a textual key indexing from the standard catalogs
    • Access: Select the "Show in Dashboard Viewer" to publish dashboard
    • Dashboard Icon: Upload an image for the dashboard !!! Note Image size should be max 10Kb, so use SVG format for better results.
    • Description: Enter the description about the dashboard
  6. Click Update.
  7. Save and deploy.


To view the results, click the "Dashboard Viewer" icon in the MindSphere Launchpad.

"Dashboard Viewer" screen appears:

Dashboard overview

① Search for a dashboard

② Published dashboard

You can click on the published dashboard.

The required dashboard flow will now be visible on the Visual Flow Creator Dashboard screen. You can slide the pointer and get the desired results:

Published dashboard

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Last update: April 27, 2022