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Simatic Notifier node

Usage of Simatic Notifier node

Simatic Notifier node allows to notify the user with an event in Simatic Notifier app. You can notify the users with following event types based on the event priority:

  • Alert
  • Warning
  • Information

For more information about the Simatic Notifier, see SIMATIC Notifier documentation.

Simatic Notifier

Simatic Notifier

The "simatic notifier" node allows to raise and display an event in Simatic Notifier application.


To execute the example flow using simatic notifier node, follow these steps:

  1. Create the flow as shown below:

    Simatic Notifier flow

  2. Edit inject node properties:

    • Payload (string): Pipe blockage
  3. Edit simatic notifier node properties to select the asset and event type:

    Edit Simatic Notifier

  4. Save and execute the flow.


In Simatic Notifier application, the event is raised in successfully. Simatic Notifier output


To use this node, Simatic Notifier app should be enabled on your Launchpad.

You can download Simatic Notifier app from Google Play store and Apple App Store to receive the event notification on your mobile phone by accessing the app with the permission.

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Last update: April 29, 2022