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Creating folder with metadata tags in Data Explorer

In Data Explorer, you can create multiple folders. After creating the folder, you can view the folder details and add the metadata tags. The folders are quickly accessible by using metadata tags. You can view the folder details by clicking eye-icon and add the metadata tags to the folder.

View folder details


① Folder overview details

② Add the metadata tags to the folder

③ Copy the folder path

④ Navigates to the parent folder or Data Explorer

⑤ Navigates to the folder

⑥ Refresh to update the folder details


To create the folder with metadata tag, follow these steps:

  1. In Data Explorer, click "Create Folder".


  2. Enter a folder name and click right arrow to save the folder.

  3. Click eye-icon to add the metadata tags for the created folder.
  4. Click "Add Tag".
  5. Enter the tag name.
  6. Click "Save".


  • If the folder is added with metadata tag, then deleting the folder is not possible.
  • Folder name cannot contain '/'.
  • Folder name can contain only alphanumeric with * ' & $ @ : + , < > ~ [ ] " # | ? { } ^ ` ( ) _ = - characters.


The folder is created successfully with metadata tag in Data Explor.



Maximum 8 multiple tags can be added to the folder.

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Last update: October 20, 2022