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Insights Hub Quality Prediction is a new powerful solution that uses advanced Machine Learning (ML) to increase confidence in product quality in serial production.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces development of a new industrial solution "Quality Prediction ". This solution combines the benefits of Industrial IoT technology with Machine Learning (ML) technology to predict product quality results based on manufacturing machine data.

Insights Hub Quality Prediction represents a powerful solution for Production Managers, Quality Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Machine Operators to perform root cause analysis of the production process and discover complex relationship between production machine parameters and resulting product quality metrics based on historical manufacturing data. The application provides a user-friendly interface and automatic functions for creating, training, and evaluating ML models without requiring extensive knowledge in data science or statistics.

The application's ML model of the process is used to predict resulting product quality in real time with the input of actual manufacturing parameters before a defect and the quality loss. The use of this predictive functionality in the manufacturing process can reduce the number of inspections and measurements, increasing the confidence in product quality conformance. Quality prediction can be used for active manufacturing process control to take preventive action when quality issues are anticipated in the actual manufacturing conditions.

Implementing reliable quality prediction in the manufacturing process increases productivity and yield lowering overall product manufacturing costs and lead time, with significant monetary and customer satisfaction benefits. It can also reduce the need for manual quality inspection avoiding related capital and operating costs.

Last update: May 5, 2023