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IoT Time Series Aggregates Service – Selecting

Select Syntax

With the optional select parameter one can define which data to return. The value of the select parameter is a comma separated list of requested data. Each value in the list can either be a variable name or an aggregated field using a variableName.fieldName syntax. The field name can be one of the following:

  • countgood
  • countuncertain
  • countbad
  • sum
  • average
  • mintime
  • minvalue
  • maxtime
  • maxvalue
  • firsttime
  • firstvalue
  • lasttime
  • lastvalue
  • sd

If no select parameter is specified, all variables and fields are returned. If a variable is specified, but no field name, all the fields for that variable are returned. If a variable and field name are specified, only that field of the variable is returned. Variable names are case-insensitive.


For charting, dashboarding customer should use 'select' for critical fields to be plotted like average, minvalue, maxvalue. This will reduce read size drastically and so read rate. It reduced read rate in tune of 50-70% basis on specific use case.

Last update: August 2, 2022

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