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Notification for New Arrival of Timeseries Data


Currently, to fetch Time Series data, a MindSphere application would have to query all Asset instances, compare the timestamps, find the latest Time Series data and update the application. This would involve multiple requests through MindSphere gateway which is expensive, not optimal or customer friendly.

With subscription based notification, 3rd party applications will get notified by MindSphere on new Time Series data arrival for concrete Assets & Aspect combination in a time range of 1 minute. This mechanism enables customer when to poll the Time series data. Moreover this improves the usability of MindSphere Services and user experience for the developers.

To create and publish App for consuming Timeseries data arrival notification, refer to How to Subscribe to notifications from MindSphere for new data arrival


  • The underlying messaging service may bring nomanclature/version changes in near term; which may need changes and adaption in customer application. The subscription notification functionality provides notification on data arrival and not the actual timeseries data.
  • Notification is at granularity of tenant level. Currently granular notification at asset, aspect or asset attribute is not supported.
  • Only API type Mind-apps which are hosted behind MindSphere gateway can access notifications.


  • Message Broker API
  • Provisioning API


  1. What is notification level in asset model?
    • The notification will be available at tenant level. We also provide aspect type information in the application payload.
  2. What is the time interval of notification?
    • The time interval of the notification is 1 minute.
  3. Can customer get delayed notification?
    • Yes, in case any MindSphere component is non-operational.

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Last update: September 7, 2022