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Device Configuration Service


This service provides interfaces for managing configuration files for devices and for sending configuration jobs to devices.


The Device Configuration Service guarantees that it will adhere to the contract specified in the API specification. It will return the listed fields as specified. However, additional fields might be introduced as backwards compatible extensions of the API.

Make sure that your client is able to handle such extensions gracefully.


For accessing this service you need to have the respective roles listed in Device Configuration Service roles and scopes.


Configuration files are not publicly accessible via internet. Devices have to use Insights Hub credentials for downloading them.


The Device Configuration Service tracks the status of device configuration jobs. The typical workflow for updating a device configuration is:

  1. The user updates the configuration file via a user interface.
  2. The user triggers the configuration job via the user interface and the Device Configuration Service sends the job to the device.
  3. The device receives the job.
  4. The device performs the configuration update while sending status messages to the Device Configuration Service.
  5. The Device Configuration Service receives the job's result and stores a copy of the actual device configuration.

State Machine

The Device Configuration Service uses a state machine to track the configuration progress. For detailed information, refer to the Basics.

Configuration File Management

The Device Configuration Service provides a built-in revision management for configuration files. For detailed information, refer to the Basics.

Periodic Polls

Devices have to regularly poll for open jobs from this service using the following endpoint and query for group=OPEN and modelKey=mdsp-core-configurationDeployment:

GET /api/deploymentworkflow/v3/instances


The Device Configuration Service exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

  • create and update device configuration files
  • track deployment jobs of device configuration files
  • manage revisions of device configuration files


  • Currently, configuration updates can only be triggered by the Device Configuration Service. Devices cannot trigger configuration updates.
  • Scheduling of updates is currently not supported.
  • Configuration jobs older than 90 days are automatically cleaned up.

Example Scenario

The producer of a sensor, which uploads data to Industrial IoT, wants to allow customers to reconfigure their sensors. They develop an app, which provides a user interface, where the configuration of a device can be modified. The app uses the Device Configuration Service for querying the current configuration and for uploading new configuration files to the device.

Last update: April 13, 2023

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