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Understanding Policy effects

Once the policies are in force, access restrictions are applied to certain resources (Assets, Files, Events, Timeseries data) through various services and applications.


In order to take effect of defined policies, the policy enforcement provisioning step should already be performed via MindSphere support team.

Policy effects

By activating the policies, application and service users (apart from Tenant Administrators, Asset Manager Admins, Data Lake Managers and techusers) will be allowed only restricted operations, while access certain resources as mentioned above. The nature of access restrictions depends on which fine-grained actions are specified in policy definitions.

The list of APIs from various MindSphere services that support fine-grained access management are listed in Services & Required Actions.


After creating/updating an "active" policy, it takes around 5 minutes for this change to take effect for the access checks in MindSphere platform services. Similarly, any changes in Usergroup operations (like move, rename, add/remove users, etc.) also takes around 5 minutes to take effect.

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Last update: February 22, 2022