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Message Broker is a service that enables asynchronous communication in the platform, that can be used to decouple applications and services from each other. The Message Broker provides the following functionality:

  • Subscribe to a topic: Provide a web hook integration from core to 3rd party (https Interface) based on the required events. This will reduce the cost and also the number of calls that need to be done to gather information.
  • Publish to a topic: Publish new message on given postbox topic only.

After a successful subscription, the subscriber can receive messages from the given topic over the webhook URL. Webhook URL provides support for HTTP post-operation only.


By default, the Message Broker scopes are part the 3rd party application token.


The Message Broker exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

  • Creating a subscription
  • Fetching the subscription
  • Deleting a subscription
  • Identifying the right topic to publish your message
  • Sending messages on the topic and providing the message in the content attribute of the payload.

Example Scenario

Any application which needs to consume Message Broker APIs need to acquire token for that application. In addition, it is required to call the Message Broker subscriber API to subscribe to the specific event by providing the 3rd party web hook uri (only post operation is supported). Once the subscription is created, the application will start receiving event notification on the provided web hook uri.

Last update: March 29, 2023

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