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Notification for Event Creation or Update


With subscription based notification, the 3rd party applications can now integrate subscription to topics related to event objects. Such applications would be then able to receive notifications when there's a change in status of event objects. Applications can respond with desired actions upon receiving a notification such as using 'GET events by ID API' to fetch more details about the event if required. This feature enables developers to build optimized interactions in the applications and make them performant.

To create and publish App for consuming Event notification, refer to How to Subscribe to notifications from MindSphere for event status change


  • The underlying messaging service may bring nomanclature/version changes in near term; which may need changes and adaption in customer application.


  • Message Broker API
  • Provisioning API


  1. What is notification level in asset model?
    • The notification will be available at tenant level.
  2. What is the maximum number of events information per notification?
    • The maximum number of Events information in one message will be 1000.
  3. Can customer get delayed notification?
    • Yes, in case any MindSphere component is non-operational.

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Last update: July 5, 2022