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Event Count Estimator (Event Management)


The Event Count Estimator helps to interactively calculate the approximate number of events generated by all assets in the system for a particular time period.


The Event count from the estimator may vary depending on the number of events generated by asset and TTL for events. It estimates the event count purely based on user input.


  • Number of Assets: These are digital Assets modelled in the system.
  • Average number of events per day per asset: This is average number of events produced by a single asset per day.
  • TTL: This is Time to Live for events. Expected Retention time once an event is generated (in days). Minimum ttl is 1-day, maximum ttl is 1825 day (5 yrs). Default value of ttl is 35 days. After the TTL is over, the events are removed from the system freeing the events quota.

Estimation of Event Count

  • Event count is calculated based on the total number of assets in the system.
  • The user needs to add the approximate number of events each asset will generate. Ad-hoc events are not considered here.
  • Based on the above two inputs, total events per day will be calculated as: number of assets * number of events per asset.
  • Then the user needs to specify the TTL for events. This can be between 1 to 1825 days. Removing the events from the system once the TTL is over is the important parameter in event count calculation.
  • The user can also select the number of months for which event estimation is required (maximum 36 months).
  • Event count estimation result is shown in graph and list view. The graph is plotted against the number of events per month and count. Based on event estimation, the user can decide which event quota plan it needs to purchase.

Event Count Estimator

Paramaters Number
Assets (These are digital Assets modelled in Insights Hub)
Number of Events expected per Asset per day
Expected Retention time once an event is generated (in days) - max 1825
Total Events generated per day
Duration for estimation in months
Calculate Events
Months Number Of events
Plan Event Quota
 Plan XS 50000
 Plan S 150000
 Plan M 500000
 Plan L 1250000
 Plan XL 2500000

(The color of box corresponds with the color of the graph shows same information about the plan.)

Last update: December 1, 2023

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